Above and Beyond

Every community has individuals who go Above and Beyond to make our communities a better place to live.

So any people go unnoticed for their hard work, dedication, faithfulness, and service. Individuals wo are the shining stars that stand out! The person that makes your world a brighter place with just a smile.

We all have been impacted by someone during these dark times…. maybe it is our friendly retail worker, hairstylist, educator, first responder, health care provider, social worker, city (official, staff, utility worker), county worker, plumber, electrician, news, media, pastor, parent, or friend! These are just to name a few essential people!

Do you know someone that has gone Above and Beyond to make a difference in our community?

We would love for you to nominate your special someone you know that has gone Above and Beyond to make a difference!

Once a month KNEL will be recognizing an individual who is going Above and Beyond to make a difference in our communities.

Submit your nominee below.

These unsung heroes need to know we appreciate and recognize them for the bright shinning stars they are.

Thank you to those who go Above and Beyond! May you be proud of the work you do… the person you are and the difference you make!


Above & Beyond Nomination