Cutest Couples 2023


KNEL's Cutest Couples and What Makes Their Relationship Special!


Tiffany Starkey

We got married 14 years ago at Richard’s Park on valentines day 2009. I feel we are special because we got married so young and have survived the “opinions” of others. Now we are in our 30’s still ignoring said opinions.


Brittany Gloria

We have been together for 17 almost 18 years! We met when I was in high school. We have 4 beautiful kids and have been married for almost 4 years!! We would love to have a date night together!! It been some time since we are always busy with kids sports and work!


Tina Wagner

He is my soul mate ,When we met I was 11yrs old and he was 16yrs old ,only met once and went our separate ways , but 20yrs later We met up again and We’ve been together ever since , going on 24 yrs now.

Aaron and David Allen

David and I got married later in life. He is the calm to my storm. He is the sane to my crazy. He is the voice of reason when I need it. But he is also my best friend. Always by my side and in my corner. His love for me makes me love myself more than I ever have. He is honest to a fault. He stepped in and helped me raise my oldest son. We never need to question each other’s loyalty. The little things really are the big things in the long run. At the end, having people you know you can depend on us everything.


Roger and Janet

My dad lost the love of his life Mae Elliott after just a few short years together from cancer. I watched my dad go thru stuff that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Thru god and being strong the right woman was put in my dads path and they are the cutest ever! We are thankful for Janet bringing my dads happiness back

Koty Greenstreet

When I was in 4th grade, I saw this cute blonde hair boy riding a bike with his shirt off around my grandmas house. Every time my sister and I would go over there, we would go sit outside to see if he would ride by….then high school rolls around and he becomes my sister and her boyfriend(now husband) best friend. That’s how we officially met. We got together December 7th 2013. We got married December 7th 2018. And now we have two beautiful boys! Bo Dylan July 1st 2020 and Brayden James September 6th 2022!
Honestly by the looks of us, I never thought he would choose to be with me (always been a chunky girl). But this amazing man has chose me over and over again!

Aaron and Victoria Thoreson

Aaron and I have been together for 11 wonderful years. We have 3 beautiful children together. I believe what makes our relationship unique is that in everything that we do we try to put God first. That alone has made us grow closer and stronger than we thought. The things that could’ve broken us-like a deployment or moving across the country- brought us closer together by the grace of God. It has molded us into the couple we are today. We both have a passion to serve our community.

Jennifer Currey

We will have been married for 30 years this June. He has loved me through thick and thin. We have raised two handsome boys early in our marriage and then later God blessed us with two beautiful girls. We’ve moved all over Texas with his coaching career. We are each others best friend and the love of our life! He has been by my side through all my illnesses! Through all our adventures. Through building a house in 2021!

Keylee Williams

Our previous partners were cheating on us with each other and by complete coincidence we figured it out and realized we had both moved to the same town after ending those relationships and we have been together for a few months now with a bond that is amazing. I’ve never been happier. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest!

Gina Moore

They say opposites attract and it’s the truth. Sterling and I are polar opposites, but we make a great team. I am the city girl and he is the rural farmer. We have made a beautiful life together with our two amazing kids. He always keeps me laughing with his sarcastic humor and I am always make him roll his eyes with my cheesy antics.

Donica Charles

Although Kendrick Talamantes and I have only been together for two years now, we have been through one of the most traumatizing experiences that could have ended most couples. We lost our son after just ten days of having him earth side. But because of the love we have for our Lord and the trust we hold in our Faith to believe that our sons purpose is far more than we can see… we have been stronger than ever as one. I love this man more than anything and know that Jesus lead us to one another not only to see a purpose in our angel baby’s life, but to see the true love in one another that we once have prayed for.

Tiffany Reyes

We have been together since I was a senior in high school, which was 16 years ago. He has/is raised my son like his very own. We have a daughter together and have raised our kids to be open and honest with us. We were young parents who never gave up to raise our kids and for each other. Our love has grown and gets stronger every year and when we are weak we lean on each other to push through. Who would have thought a couple of young kids lost in the world would be were we are now, but thank God we trusted him to push us even when things were ugly to look up to him and trust him. The love I have for Roro is so strong and the life we have built amazes me.

Cynthia Zamora

We were High School sweethearts. Together for 10 yrs. Went our separate ways for 15 yrs and found each other again! We are married now with 2 boys

Georgia and Cecil Lambertino

Spending time together no matter what we are doing. We love to be together as much as possible ❣️🥰❣️❣️❣️. 32 wonderful years

Carl and Cindy Anderson

Trust, love, respect, no fighting and always telling each other how much we appreciate each other.

Sabrina Prine

5 years of other persistence makes our relationship extremely special we beat the odds and have a son even though I was told that I would never get pregnant and they took my Fallopian tubes away from me because they were destroyed and scarred and yet we persevered found a way and the money to do IVF….. I was diligent with my shots and now we have our wonderful gorgeous baby boy who’s about to be 2 years old I don’t know any other man who could have stuck through all that I sure am blessed to have him ❤️

Daniel and Janell Queen

We met through Facebook, he lived in GA, I grew up here in Brady.. we talked for 2 years via FB,phone calls and text… he bought me a plane ticket, I flew to Atlanta GA… he picked me up at the airport. We spent a few days together and he move out here with me and we been together 12 years April 2023 and will be married 12 years May 6th

Monica Longoria

We have been together for 16 years, so many ups and downs. Tried for two years to have a baby and nothing. We decided to get married in august 2010 and in February of 2011 I was pregnant. We have definitely had a bad run, I won’t sugar coat it, but we stuck through it and never gave up. We never had a honey moon. We spent a total of 500 on our wedding and between us we have 4 kids. So we have never had our romantic getaway. This would be perfect for us to spend quality time.

Victoria Hernandez

What makes our relationship so special is we have been through something tough that no young couple should, but he is the rock that keeps the family together. From 2012 in high school to 2023 ups and downs in between we have found love in each other that no one else can break.

Alvin and Sharon Cole

That we are still in Love after 36 years. It started on a blind date he knew nothing of. We starting finding common things with each other, one being our last names before marriage were the same. We have a strong family bond with raising 3 children and adding a son in law and 3 grandchildren. We have renewed our vows ever 5 years with just doing our recent one at 35 years. What makes this relationship special is the faith we have built in our marriage. Going through thick and thin of it all we are still bonded together.

Kathy and Cody Falcon

Jody came to me and showed me what it was to be loved properly after being in a couple of severely unhealthy relationships. We were 2 complete strangers that met online and helped each other heal from the past. He was happily married for 23 years and his wife passed away from cancer. He was scared moving on and I was scared to get close to somebody and together we helped each other. We are going on 4 years and I cannot imagine my life without him. His family/His late wife’s family have accepted me and I am forever grateful to have such a big extended family.

Marelne Lott

Doing things we like together

Patience Roberts

What makes our relationship so special is my husbands loyalty and determination. We been in love for four years and within the two years I was homeless and moving place to place all over texas by force while he stayed in Brady but he never left my heart and I never left his. He fought every obstacle in our way and every persons threats, he truly was determined to fight for me until we were reconnected. No matter the distance our love will never end. We are now happily married and about to have our first child and it was all worth the wait.

David and Andrea Smith

We were actually supposed to meet in 1997 through a mutual friend who thought we would be a good match for each other. I (David)was stationed at Wichita Falls AFB and Andrea was stationed in Offut AFB, Omaha, NE. Andrea was driving home to Brady, but didn’t have time to stop. Who knew fate would step in and give us a chance to meet while both serving at Ramstein AFB, Germany in 1999. Neither of us knew until after we were married that we were supposed to meet 2 years earlier. We have been married now for 23 years. We love spending time together hiking, playing games, crafting and just relaxing with one another.

Melissa Anderson

Within a week of dating I (Melissa) was diagnosed with stage 3B cancer in Feb, 2020. Even with my diagnosis, Colten didn’t flinch at the thought of dating me. After 3 months of dating, Colten and I got engaged at the Heart Of Texas Center Viewing Point- one of my favorite places in Texas! While undergoing Cancer treatments, Colten and I got married in a beautiful local barn hosted by Mark and Chris Mosley. The barn was absolutely stunning and a true wedding dream come true for me! Since 2020, we have moved twice, finished cancer treatments, changed jobs, and continued our journey of family and marriage with our son, Levi- all while trying our best to keep Christ at the center. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

Jessica Allin

Our relationship hasnt always been special. We met, married, and had our first baby very prematurely in a time span of 8 months. We had alot of growing up to do, self work and needed to unlearn unhealthy behaviors. We spent ten years in a Godless marriage just trying to survive life and all it had thrown our way. We lost babies, lost our business, our home and my health deteriorated. Thats when the “till death do us part” really came into play. We found God, we found an amazing church family and we have been thriving the past 3 (almost 4) years. So, the only thing that has made our marriage extra special is the hope we have found in Jesus and the restoritive work hes doung in our hearts and our home.

Retta Behrens

We met on a blind date 14 years ago. We’ve had lots of adventures in those years. The best adventure is heading our way. We have prayed and talked about the next chapter in our lives. We decided to become foster parents. It was a decision that we are blessed to be able to do. We want to show love to the children and let them be a part of the fun. We always listen to each other. I choose him every day, I’m so blessed that he chooses me. We inspire a love in each other we didn’t know was possible.

Billie and Debra Fuchs

Our relationship is special because God made it happen. Many times in our lives we had been in the same room but had never laid eyes on each other. We enjoyed several mutual friends, but had never heard any of them speak of the other. Our Savior and Redeemer waited  until His time to allow us to meet. And it was love at first sight July 7, 1979. Come April 4, 2023 we will have been married 42 years. We have been blessed with two children, amazing daughter & son-in-law and 5 grandchildren. As we continue to learn the gift of marriage, we continue to be blessed by the Almighty. That’s the reason that our marriage is so special.

Kelly Green

We first met when I was 18. We have had tons of adventures since. Once he pretended we were married and said I could cook so he could get a job in Montana on a ranch. Neither was true. We bought cookbooks all the way there! No matter what, we keep having fun.

Sherry Luebke

Jimmy and I met last year after we both got divorced after long marriages. Dating is hard in your 40’s. After so many failed dates I met Jimmy and it was love at first sight. I finally found a partner that accepts my past, supports my present and encourages my future. And I totally reciprocate that with him. We are looking forward to a lifetime of happiness and love together with the foundation of Christ.

Alyson Salinas

What makes our relationship special is my husbands determination and hard work. We have been together little over 3 years enjoy cooking,camping, afternoon walks and pretty much everything together. He is my best friend. We have a soon to be 2 year old son name Greyson.

Ian and Cheyenne Mack

My husband, Ian, and I have an exciting love story that still doesn’t seem real to us. We met during our time as graduate students at Tarleton State University. We were students in the same department, and even lived on the same street! Despite this, we didn’t meet for the first time until we were both in Botswana, a southern African country. We’re both wildlife biologists, and instantly bonded during our time studying wildlife in southern African countries. Our love story started like a whirlwind, and had our first date at in Swakopmund, Namibia. That’s the location of the picture we’re submitting, and where we both knew we had found something incredibly special and unique. Our bond continued when we returned stateside, and we have been almost inseparable since our first meeting. We were married in 2020 in Big Bend National Park at Santa Elena Canyon, and have also welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Stella Iris. We’ve both graduated with our Master’s degrees, and recently moved to Brady, Texas. We couldn’t imagine building our life and home anywhere else, or with anyone else. We still have a relationship where it feels as though we’ve known each other our entire lives, and we can’t wait to continue the adventure of life with one another and our precious little girl!

Jonathan Keele

The love we have for each other day in and day out…my beautiful wife is very special to me very hard working and the best mother to our 4 girls anyone could ask for.. she is the rock of our family and I couldn’t imagine my life with out her I love her more then anything in this world and I’m the luckiest guy alive to be able to spend the rest of my life with her by my side…I love you gorgeous always and forever

Scott Evans

Always on the same team.

Kevin and Belinda Estes

Kevin and I have been married for 25 years. As most couples, we have trials and tribulations. We have made lots of memories that’s for sure. We have four children and two grandchildren. They are our world. Kevin and I lost a Son four years ago in a tragic one vehicle accident. This tragedy definitely tested us. God and our love in each other has pushed us through this tragedy. We definitely don’t forget, but learn to live life with our loss.