Cutest Couples 2024


KNEL's Cutest Couples and What Makes Their Relationship Special!


James and Lulu Petty

We just work together. Blended families can be challenging but we’re family. I just try to be half as loving, kind and gentle as Lulu is. Plus, I do what I’m told. 😀

Lance May


They work side by side and they love the Lord.


Mark and Chris Moseley

We are celebrating 50 years of marriage this year. We have spent 53 years of Valentine’s Day together after meeting at Texas Tech in 1971 and marrying September 1974. We have enjoyed travels together to 49 states and 15 countries; lived in two states, eight towns, and 15 houses; and raised two sons, five dogs and more cats than mark wants to admit!

Tyler and Ashlee Covey

Tyler and I attended Brady High School together both graduated class of 2012 but we do not remember ever interacting, life moved us both from Brady for a while and about the same time moved us both back to Brady. Eventually we ran into each other at Walmart, as you do in a small town and the rest, as they say, is history. We just celebrated our 1st wedding Anniversary in December, we have two sweet girls together as well as a beautiful blended family.
As for the something special, Tyler and I always speak on how all of our decisions and life experiences brought us to each other and though some were tough there’s always a sense of meant to be and belonging with each other. This was confirmed not too long ago when we were going through Tyler’s high school memento box where he kept letters and football medals and all the things that he held of value. I was reading through some of his letters giggling at how silly his friends were and all the girls who had a crush on him. I got to the last letter and couldn’t believe my eyes, it was actually from me (Ashlee)! We couldn’t believe it, neither of us remember speaking in high school let alone passing a note. But he held on to it all of these years, it was nothing of importance just a short hello a little joke and wishing him well after graduation. In that moment we had come full circle as I passed the note to Tyler to read beside me this time as husband and wife. A lot of life had happened since that note was first passed, some good some bad, but we found our way to each other and we started this beautiful life together and the sense of always meant to be gets stronger each day.


Courtney Douzat


I’ve been long for him. For years and years and he found his way into my heart. He is an answer to my prayers. He is the Mr. Right my mom had been ask send me.


Autumn Evetts


High school sweethearts

Kathy and Wiley Cloud


The photo was taken during our first year of marriage. We are now in our 70’s and our Love has blossomed even more after getting to know more about one another year after year. We give each other room …. him to do manly things (that’s what makes him my man) and me to do girly things (that’s what makes me his gal) yet at the end of the day we enjoy coming together and hearing about each other’s day at the ranch. He’s the tough shoulder I depend on and the strong arms that make me feel secure. I’m the soft pillow where he can relax and lay his head. I know God put him in my life….and I am grateful…..It takes quite a MAN to put up with me. :

Sharon Cole


The love that continues to grow daily after 36 years of marriage. Our family that has brought us grandchildren. The vows we took on our special day that we still honor. Daily telling each other, I Love You!


John and Rita Graves

The fact that we have been through so much after nearly 39 years together 38 we having been married. We have had seasons when we have been apart a lot and seasons where we have been together everyday. Times when there has been plenty and times when we barely got by, but when I was down John was there to lift me up and encourage me. And when John was down I was there to lift him up. We have tried to weave God into each of those times to be the 3 cord strand that God’s Word says we have to have. And I also have to say I love John more today than I did when I said I do and given the chance I would do it all over again.


Suenella Stratton

We been married 20 yrs got together back then I helped raise his daughter and stepped in and helped raise my 3 kids now with all kids grown we are getting ready for adoption with our 5 yr old granddaughter, without each other we would never make it he helps keep me up I help keep him up together we are one force and the love is still going strong after 20 yrs

Billy and Debra Fuchs


Married 43 years & still learning things about each other! Our relationship continues to grow. We balance each other with our strengths. It gets more fun every day!You see, us meeting was a plan from God. We had been in several locations at the same time, our entire lives, and did not meet until God was ready for us to. God has blessed our marriage every second.

Tina Wagner


We’ve been together 25years and Ray my hubby is definetly my soul mate , We first met when I was 11yrs old and he was 16yrs old , it was the year 1977 and I met him at the Menard public pool , summer was almost over so it was time my family moved back to my home state Tennessee , years later I came back to Texas to live and I met up with my now hubby 25yrs ago in these 25 years we have raised three children and then four grandchildren and now we are empty nesters and we are in love more than we have ever been.



Irene Salas

Aubrey and I are high school sweet hearts who have been together for six years and married for almost two. We got married on April fools day and we always love people’s reactions when we tell them. We also have a sweet baby girl who is about to turn 1, named Valentina.

Buddy Corder and Amie Gray


We met at church and we are Bible buddies. 🙂

Krystane Stuart


My husband and I met when we were 16 years old. We have been adventuring together ever since! We are now 31, and have made a wonderful life for ourselves. We have two beautiful children together. He runs a successful business, and I love my job being a paramedic. We are getting ready to build our forever home on the land we have, and that is so exciting! We chose this song because it fits us so perfectly. We really were just kids when we fell in love, and built this beautiful life together. 15 years have flown by! I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. We laugh together, we cry together. We choose each other every single day.

Tom and Melissa Hail


Tom is my soul mate. We have been together for 34 years. We have raised 4 amazing daughters and have 8 beautiful grandbabies. Tom is always willing to go along with my crazy ideas. He may be kicking and screaming but he goes along and does what he can to help get my vision to come true. We love to travel and explore this world with each other.