Now - Sat, Apr 15 at 11:00am

Spring Fling 3 Person Scramble

Hosted @ The Brady Golf Course

Brady, Texas 

April 15-16, 2023


Rules/Information Sheet


Format:          3-Person Scramble.  Teams will be flighted after the first round based on scores.

The scramble format will be played as follows:  Each player will tee off on each hole.  The team will then select the best tee shot and continue play from that point, playing the best shot from each location.


Scoring:          One score on each hole will be recorded with a maximum of DOUBLE BOGEY can be scored on a hole per team to help speed up play. Par for each day will be 71. Please write the actual number of shots taken for example, hole number one is a par 5, if you shoot a 4 for a birdie, write down a 4, not -1.


Tees:               Men: Blue tees on the front, red tees on the back

                        Women: Pink tees on the front, PURPLE on the back

Senior Men: (65 & up)—White tees front, BLACK tees on the back

Please Note:  Please complete the same color tees before starting play on the other color tees.




Rainout(s):      Saturday—9 Holes will constitute a round and flighted accordingly.  If completely rained out, the Sunday’s rounds will be scored and flighted accordingly.

Sunday—9 Holes will constitute a round and winners paid accordingly based on a 27-hole total.  If completely rained out, then Saturday’s scores will be paid.

Other Info:

  • All hazards are marked accordingly.
  • Out of bounds exist on the property fences and or white stakes.
  • Breaking Out: Teams will be bumped up a flight if they break out on the second day.  Please listen to announcements before the play of the second round regarding the number.
  • Speed of play. Simple, keep up with the group in front of you. This will be enforced both days.
  • MUSIC – Please keep audio level to being heard by your group only.


Possible rules violations:   If a possible rules violation is observed during a round, then the two teams will first try to remedy the situation while play is ongoing. Any possible rules violations must be brought up at the time that it is possible observed. If a remedy cannot be reached by the two teams, then the player or players will play a provisional ball and continue play until the Tournament committee can make a ruling. USGA rules will apply except as amended by these Rules.