McCulloch Co. Commissioners Approve EMS Inter-Local Agreement


Although the McCulloch County Commissioners’ Court addressing a lengthy agenda at their regular session on Monday, the  key item they action they took was a 5-0 vote to approve approval an inter-local agreement with the City of Brady covering the provision of Emergency Medical Services in the County.

Terms of the agreement were reached July17th at a joint meeting of the County Commissioners and the City Council. For fiscal year 2020-21, the County will pay the City $248,000, which is approximately 18% of the net cost for providing EMS services to both the City and County residents. The new agreement was approved by the City Council at their meeting last August 1st.

Other areas to be covered Commissioners will include purchase of a chip spreader for use on County roads; cable and pipeline access to County right-of-way; use of the Courthouse lawn by McCulloch County 4-H on Sept. 6th; optional fees; election and voting activities; and raising the rate for jury service.