At Good News Lunch, Corbell Gives Status On Key Brady Projects, Deans Reports On Sub-Div. Regs, EMS


Appearing at the Brady/McCulloch County Chamber’s First Quarter Good New Lunch Wednesday, Brady City Manager, Erin Corbell, provided quick updates on the the key projects currently, or soon to be underway in Brady.

Corbell noted that while both the drinking water project designed remove radium from the City’s water, and the construction of a new waste water plant are both behind their original schedules, they are currently projected to be competed by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

The City Manager reported the upgrading of the main water line along China Street is in the final design stages with an expectation they will start taking bids in March. The project will extend along China Street from Commerce Street to new the Elementary School. Corbell said the upgrade will cost between $1million to $1.45 million to replace an undersized water main with a new 8″ to 10″main.  The City hopes to see construction start in May, and they hope to minimize any disruptions near the school.



In his comments to the group,  Precinct 2 McCulloch County Commissioner, Randy Deans, first noted the County has been working on Sub-Division regulations and will soon be publishing them. Deans said some people have asked if the County is against development.  That’s not the reason, he said. Commissioner Deans said the point of having Sub-Division regulations is  be sure the rights of way and drainages are correct to help insure the safety of people living in that area.

Commissioner Deans also reported that in the November/December time frame, the County did pay the City the $190,000 the County had budgeted for EMS.  He noted there is still a $17,000 difference between the amount paid and the figure the City felt was due to help cover the cost of providing EMS services in the County in 2021. Deans said he expects they will soon be discussing the remaining amount, and he hopes there will be a decision in the near future. He added that cooperation between the County and City in providing EMS services is currently working well.  He added the  City and County will continue to work together to keep EMS the best we can have in the community.