BISD Taking Steps To Further Improve School Safety.

The Brady Independent School District Board of Directors began their Regular session Monday with the administration of the  oath of office to Board Members taking effect in 2022, followed by re-organization of Board of Trustees.  Reed Williams was chosen as President of the Board, Colby Huffman as Vice President and Connie Locklear was named Secretary of the Board.

Action items on the Board agenda will include budget amendments, amending the District of Innovation Plan, adopting a stipend schedule for the next school year and approving an inter-local agreement with Lohn ISD for transportation services.

A key part of the meeting was a discussion of school safety.  Superintendent Dr. Hector Martinez reported school officials had recently met with the Sheriff, Police and EMS to review the District’s Emergency Operations Plan.   An active shooter drill is currently being planned for August.

Appearing on KNEL’s Morning Program, Dr. Martinez said he is confident about the things they’re doing.  He noted the Board had acted several years ago to have controlled entrance to all the schools and implemented a check-in system for visitors. He said he is confident they are headed in the right direction.