Brady Council Gets City Audit Report, Tables Action On Several Items For Further Review


The Brady City Council Tuesday night began with a presentation by the City’s outside auditor, Haynie and Company, of the Audit Report for FY 2023.  The Auditor, John Boekweg, reported the City’s books and finances were in good order.

The Council was also presented with an update on the City’s water conservation and drought contingency plan.

Of the six action items on the agenda, the Council tables four for further review and action at a later date.  An inter-local agreement with McCulloch County covering covering sharing labor, equipment and materials for infrastructure projects will be the subject of a work session for further study.  Also, at the suggestion of Mayor Aaron Garcia, the Council tabled action on a feasibility study for a Fire Station; And, Council asked the Planning and Zoning Commission to continue studying the feasibility of allowing a mobile home overlay, or special use permit, in single-family residential areas.

The Council also spent time discussing conditions of Brady parks, the gold course and cemeteries.

A renewal of a five-year lease agreement with Redeemer Church for the old Boy Scout building on South China  to serve as a community youth center was approved.

The Council session concluded with an Executive Session that included consultation with the City Attorney, and discussion about real property for the Fire and Police Departments.

Also on the agenda for the Executive Session were discussions with the City Manager, Erin Corbell, and Mayor Garcia related to a complaint discussed as the last Council meeting and filed earlier this year by Corbell alleging the Mayor’s behavior had created a hostile work environment, that he had abused the City Charter and that he had disobeyed State Law.  At the previous Council Session, Mayor Garcia and the City Attorney had engaged in a contentious back and forth over her actions related to the allegations. Mayor Garcia also took the opportunity at that meeting to refute the City Manager’s allegations.  At the conclusion of the Executive Session, the Council adjourned without taking any action.