Property At Brady Lake Focus Of Council Meeting

The Brady City Council again addressed a fairly  short agenda at its Tuesday night meeting.

The session began with approval of the second and final reading of an ordinance amending the schedule of fees for the administration of utility rates, programs and regulations. The new ordinance also adds a Student rate and a Seasonal Membership rate at the Brady Golf Course.

In a follow-up to discussion at their last meeting on the sale of property around Brady Lake,  the Council agenda indicated that it would discuss and, possibly, take action on real property.  The subject of real property bought a number of people to the Council meeting to ask questions and express their opinion.  Brady Mayor Tony Groves summarized their comments as  concern that the City might be moving ahead to sell City property without a full discussion with Brady residents. Appearing on KNEL’s Morning Program, Mayor Groves said he and the members of the Council emphasized that the process of determining what to do with property at Brady Lake is just getting started, and there will be a number of opportunities for public input.

At their last session, the Council  voted to have the City Manager develop a plan for moving ahead with the sale of surplus property on the north side of Brady Lake. . After some discussion about what might be the best approach for the south side, commonly referred to a the Mudualistic Site — whether to divide it into smaller parcels or develop it on a large scale, the Council agreed to move ahead with advertising it as being available and to then see what kind of responses and proposals  they receive.

In other action, the Council approved the purchase of road-base material and the purchase of Body/Fleet Camera bundles for law enforcement.

After a short Executive session, the Council went back into open session and announced the purchase of the one-half block north of the current Police Station  from Brady National Bank.  Plans for the property are to use it to enable expansion of the current facility.