McCulloch Commissioners Approve Equipt. Purchase For Sheriff’s Dept.


At their meeting Monday morning, McCulloch County Commissioners discussed the question of amending  the current Burn Ban to allow livestock owners to burn prickly pear cactus due to the ongoing drought.  However, Commissioners agreed the danger inherent in burning prickly pear far outweighed the limited benefit to those few area producers interested in the procedure.

Commissioners approved a request from McCulloch County 4-H for a Kick-Off event Saturday, August 13 from 4:30-6:30pm on the Courthouse lawn. Also approved by Commissioners was a request from the Brady Clergy for using the Courthouse lawn for a community-wide “pray for rain” service on Sunday, August 14 at 5pm.

An allocation of $226,000 in County, State and Local COVID-19 Relief funds  was approved for the to purchase in-car computer and camera equipment, body cameras and tasers for the Sheriff’s Dept.  Commissioners also approved the receipt of $116,000 in reimbursements in grant funds from the Lone Star program created by Gov. Abbott to reimburse Counties for expenses related to the on-going border crisis.

Following the regular session, Commissioners reconvened for a Budget Workshop. Appearing on KNEL’s Morning Program Tuesday, County Judge Frank Trull noted that the budget for 2023 will probably include a increase the County tax rate.  Judge Trull said higher costs for in almost all areas, along with a cost-of-living pay raise for County employees will make that a necessity.

Judge Trull reported that Commissioners are continuing to review and discuss the issue of reimbursement to the City of Brady for EMS costs. The County had initially proposed paying the City $165,000 to cover the past year. After the Brady Council declined that offer, Commissioners increased the amount to $190,000, which was also turned down. The Brady Council responded with an offer of $213,000, which they indicted is 16% of the net cost for operating the EMS.   They are continuing their discussions on the EMS portion of the budget.