Fire, EMS Needs, Equipment Focus Of McCulloch Commissioners Monday Session


The need for upgrading and improving equipment for McCulloch County Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement were the primary issues discussed by the Commissioners Court at their meeting Monday morning.  Emphasis was on replacing using $84,000 in Covid Relief funds to replace the County’s “Cascade” breathing system for the Fire Dept., and replacing the County’s North and South repeaters using $38,000 in ARPA, or Covid Relief funds.

Commissioners also considered purchasing two new hand-held radios for the Sheriff’s Dept.

Following the regular session, Commissioners reconvened for a Workshop on indigent health care and McCulloch County inmates.

McCulloch County Commissioners have also scheduled a Special Session for Friday, Feb. 17 at 2:00pm. In that meeting, Commissioners will first hold an Executive Session for discussions with the County Attorney and attorney Bruce James concerning litigation against Silver Creek Ventures and Ranch Enterprises.  Following the executive session, they will consider approving the filing of a Notive of Interlocutory appeal with regard to litigation with the two firms.

(McCulloch County Judge, Frank Trull, will be a guest on KNEL’s 8:00am news Tuesday with a review on the Commissioners’ meeting.)