Cong. Pfluger Emphasizes Need For Accountability In Town Hall Meeting


Congressman August Pfluger held a Town Hall meeting in Brady Thursday morning as part of a swing through the Congressional District in which he appeared number of local meetings with constituents.

At the Town Hall Meeting, Cong. Pfluger reviewed recent developments in Washington, current activities in Congress and his point-of-view on all of it. He focused primarily on the on-going investigation by Committees in the House of Representatives directed at President Biden and his sun Hunter and the Secretaries of Homeland Security and the Attorney General. Also, he gave his opinion of the charges that have been made recently against former President Donald Trump.  Congressman Pfluger emphasized that over 500 individual House Committee hearings have been held as since Republicans gained the majority in the House.  Those hearings, he said, covered a broad range of activities and were a part, he said, of the House exercising its responsibility carry out oversight of the government.

The process of oversight is complicated and frustratingly slow. That leads, he noted, to constitutents being unhappy that nothing seems to be getting done. Cong. Pfluger said. But, he said he and other members of the Republican Majority in the House are committed to seeing that there is accountability in our government.

Congressman Pfluger began the meeting with the presentation of Certificates of Commendation from the 11th Congressional District to McCulloch County residents Ferdando Nandine for his life time of public service to the community. Cong. Pfluger also presented a Commendation to 17-year-old Elizabeth Probst who was part of Team USA’s rifle team that earned a Bronze trophy recently at the Junior World Championships in South Korea.

After the Town Hall meeting in Brady, Cong. Pluger held similar meetings in Mason and San Saba on Thursday afternoon. He will hold a Town Hall meeting in Coleman at the Bill Franklin Center at 11:30am on Friday, Aug. 4th.


(KNEL broadcast the Brady Town Hall meeting LIVE on  Thursday, and will re-broadcast the Meeting on Friday at 12:10pm on 1490 KNEL-AM and on-line at