Cong. Pfluger Leads Texas GOP Delegation In Demanding Pres. Biden Reimbuse Texas For Border Crisis


On Tuesday, Congressman August Pfluger  (TX-11) led the Texas Republican delegation in sending a letter to President Biden urging immediate action on the border crisis. Cong.

In the letter, the members wrote, “The Texans we represent have been at the forefront of the crisis brought upon by your administration’s failed policies.  Ranchers throughout west Texas routinely find bodies of dead migrants, or have their private property destroyed. Drugs flowing across our border have led to a record-number of American lives being ruined by poisonings from synthetic drugs, such as fentanyl. ”

The members added, “We urge you to work with the Texas delegation to pay Texas back for the resources expended throughout Operation Lone Star.”

The letter was signed by every member of the Republican Texas delegation.

On Thursday, Cong. Pfluger introduced a bill in the House called The Natural Gas Repeal Act that would strike down the Natural Gas Tax imposed by President Biden  in the inflations ‘Expansion’ Act.  ‘

Rep, Pfluger said the new fees or taxes on energy companies will raise costs for customers, creating a burder that will fall most heavily on lower-income Americans.  He added that he is “proud to stand for the Permian Basin by introducing legislation to strike the President’s new harmful natural gas tax that will drive up the cost of household energy bills and make inflation even worse. “