Cong. Pfluger Responds To Thursday’s Supreme Court Decisions

Thursday, Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) released statements following the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in West Virginia v. EPA, which curbs the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to shut down American energy production. and to the statement of the Biden Administration’s intentions to end the Trump-era “Remain In Mexico” policy.

West Virginia v. EPA: “Democrats have long weaponized the EPA against American energy producers, and today, SCOTUS rightly ruled these radical climate actions unlawful. Private industry has already made significant strides to reduce harmful pollutants—even outpacing previous targets. We don’t need top-down regulations, we need the federal government to get out of the way and let the industry provide affordable, reliable energy for American families. SCOTUS is right to reject this overreach and clarify that unelected bureaucrats who answer only to climate alarmists do not have the power to shut down American energy production.”

“Remain in Mexico:” “Without Remain in Mexico it’s Remain in the U.S. President Biden’s policies have created an environment of weakness along our southern border that emboldens drug cartels, human traffickers, suspected terrorists, and criminals to break our laws and put American and migrant lives in danger. Under the Biden Administration, over 3 million migrants and 50 suspected terrorists have crossed our southern border illegally, and heartbreaking human smuggling casualty events have become all too common. We should be empowering our border patrol agents, not removing the few tools they have.”