Cong. Pfluger Introduces Bill Prohibiting Noncitizens From Overseeng American Elections



Congressman August Pfluger Tuesday introduced the No Foreign Persons Administering Our Elections Act, which prohibits noncitizens from serving as election administrators for U.S. federal elections.

Cong. Pfluger said, “American elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and entrusting their administration to noncitizens undermines the very essence of our nation’s sovereignty. “The No Foreign Persons Administering Our Elections Act ensures that only those loyal to our country and committed to its values oversee the sacred process of voting. We must safeguard the integrity of our electoral system from foreign influence at every level.”

The Congressman noted that Kelly Wong, a Chinese noncitizen, was sworn in to serve on the San Francisco Election Commission in February. Pfluger said Wong is not legally allowed to vote in the United States but will serve on the seven-member board charged with overseeing and implementing policies for the San Francisco Department of Elections.