Deans, Garcia Praise Cooperative Effort On EMS At “Good News” Lunch


The purpose of the Brady/McCulloch County Chamber’s quarterly “Good News” lunch is to share information on positive things happening in the community. And, Wednesday’s “Good News” more than satisfied that objective.

Leading off the speakers, McCulloch County Commissioner Randy Deans recounted for the group that six months ago he had told everybody that “some day we’re all going to get together and agree on something. That happened on Monday. We agreed on an EMS inter-local,” he said.

Deans added that while they haven’t got the final stamp on the agreement yet. But, on the way, he said they all made a pact that nobody will back out of what was ageed to.  “So, we’re going forward,” he said. “I think that’s a big success.”

He also said the two groups were already talking about future meetings with each other, and we’re excited to work with each other. “We’ve all cleaned the slate,” he added, “and anything that happened in the past — we’re not going to talk about it. We’ve got to go forward for the future of the community.”

The next speaker at the Good News lunch was Brady Mayor Aaron Garcia who said he “couldn’t send what Commissioner Deans said enough.”  The Mayor said the best thing they could have done was to come out and  get together, with the Commission and Council talking and joining together like they did to get the inter-local agreement done was, to him, really spoke volumes of what can be done as a community.

Mayor Garcia said the “inter-local agreement for EMS services is fantastic and the highlight of something I wanted to do when I ran for Mayor, and I’m excited to see this bridge the gaps between us.”