Dodge Heights Plans, McCulloch Co. EMS Expenses Up For Discussion By Brady Council


The Brady City Council will begin its meeting Tuesday with consideration of a request by St. Patrick’s Church for the temporary closure of W. 3rd Street between Bridge and Church Streets on Friday, June 30.  Also, the Council will begin with the formal introduction of new Police Officer Aaron Thoreson.

On the agenda for the Council will the second and reading of ordinances granting a request to change the zoning at 617 N. Bridge from Commercial to Single-Family Residential, and a request to re-zone 801 E. 8th Street from Single-Family to Manufactured Home.

The Council will also hear the first reading of an ordinance allowing the possession and consumption of an open container in public areas in the Central Business District.

Other items on the agenda include consideration of using Hotel Occupancy Tax funds requested by the Brady Youth Sports Foundation for a baseball tournament for 8 and under and 10 an under players.

Council will also discuss Dodge Heights appraisals and plans for the sale of Dodge Heights lots, and the Council will again discuss the McCulloch County contribution to EMS expenses.

The donation of property to the City of property at 1000 N, Grants St and at 314 and 316 W. Commerce will be discussed.

The Council session is scheduled to conclude with an Executive session to allow for consultation with the City Attorney on the EMS agreement with McCulloch County.