Dustin Jordan KNEL Favorite Volunteer 2023


KNEL and Destination Ford honored a Favorite Volunteer during the month of July! A volunteer goes above and beyond to make our community a better place. They work tirelessly and never ask for recognition. Being a volunteer is not what you do but what you are.

KNEL’s 2023 Favorite Volunteer is Dustin Jordan!

Dustin is a volunteer for BYSF as a baseball committee and coach and has put a lot of time and energy into ensuring that many other sports, particularly baseball season, ran smoothly. He spent many hours up at the ballpark to prepare fields while also putting in many hours coaching his team throughout the season, making sure they were the best they could be. Many people are very thankful for what he does on and behind the scenes of BYSF. His wife, Kelsey is always right there, and he is very dedicated to the kids and the community and has been all his adult life. He is a great asset to the community!

Thank you, Dustin Jordan, for doing all that you can to make our community a better place.