Bratton Defeats Kemp In McCulloch Co. Precinct 4 Run-Off Election


Voters across Texas went to the polls on Tuesday and in early voting to cast their ballots  in the Run-Off elections to finalize picking the Republican and Democrat candidates who will be on the ballot in the November General Election. Early voting for the May 24 Run-Off was held Monday through Friday last week.

McCulloch County –

County Commissioner – Precinct 4 – In the March 1 Primary election, incumbent Commissioner Rick Kemp was challenged by three candidates – Don Bratton, Tom Hail and Michael Jordon. In the election, Kemp received 180 votes, less than the 50% of the total 400 votes cast needed to avoid a Run-Off.   Don Bratton was second in the Primary election with 120 votes.

In the Run-Off election, Bratton received 140 votes, defeating Kemp who received 126 votes.

Statewide – Republican Run-Off –

There were three statewide run-off elections in the Republican party. The vote in McCulloch County was –

Attorney General – Incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton received 352 votes with  current Land Commissioner George P. Bush receiving 123 votes. Paxton won the State-wide race and will face Democrat Rochelle Mercedes Garza in November. .

Land Commissioner –  State Senator Dawn Buckingham received 334 votes, with Tim Westerly getting 118 votes..

Railroad Commissioner – RR Commissioner Wayne Christian received 346 votes, while challenger Sarah Stogner received 108 votes. .

Statewide – Democrat Run-Off – 

There are four statewide run-off elections in the Democrat party. In McCulloch County, the results were –

Attorney General – Rochelle Mercedes Garza, 23 votes – Joe Jaworski, 12 votes.

Lieutenant Governor – Mike Collier, 21 votes –  State Rep. Michelle Beckley, 14 votes.

Land Commissioners – Sandragrace Martinez, 25 votes – Jay Kieberg, 10 votes

Comptroller – Janet T. Dudding, 22 votes – Angel Luis Vega, 13 votes.