Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Focus Of Special Mason City Meeting

The Mason City Commission held  a Special Meeting/Workshop Tuesday that centered on pending litigation related to City of Mason Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.

Commissioners met first with the City Attorney in an Executive Session before going into an open meeting for further discussions.

Mason Mayor Frank Bartlett explained that the State gives cities the right to have a one-half mile ribbon around the community they can regulate to a limited degree. Primarily, it provides some consistency in regulations if a land owner asked to annexed by the city.  Mayor Bartlett indicated the Commission is working toward acting on proposed Extraterritorial Jurisdiction regulations at the next regular session on June 20.  Before then, the City is inviting land owners from the area to a meeting at Mason City Hall on Tuesday, June 14 at 3pm to learn more about the issue.

An additional item on the Commission agenda was  discussion of possible action on processes and proposed changes to enhance the City of Mason City Commission meetings.

(Mason Mayor Frank Bartlett will be a guest on KNEL’s Morning Program Monday, June 13th  at 8:45am.  He’ll discuss his background, why he chose to seek the Mayor’s post and how the sees the job of Mayor at this point. )