Frank Bartlett Elected Mayor Of Mason

Mason City Commission

The Mason City government will get three new faces as a result of the May 7 election.

Frank Bartlett was elected as the next Mayor of Mason, receiving 271 of the 582 votes cast in the balloting on May 7.  Bartlett was challenged in the election by former Commissioner, Annette Thomas,  who received 204 votes, and John Gammill who received a total of 107 votes.

Robert Rayburn was elected Commissioner for District 1 with 74 votes.  His opponent in the election, Ken Cordero, received 45 votes.

Michael Keller was elected Commissioner for District 3 with 118 votes, defeating incumbent Commissioner Sue Jordan Pledger who received 107 votes and Nicholas Gierisch who received 1 vote.

In Early voting for the Mason City Commissioner election, 376 of the 582 ballots cast in the Mayor’s race were cast in early voting, with 206 votes cast on election day.  Although Frank Bartlett received less than 50% of the total votes cast in the Mayor’s race, there will not be a run-off since Mason is a Type C General Law City in which the candidate with the highest vote wins.


Constitutional Amendments

Mason Election results for the two proposed Constitutional Amendments.

Proposition 1 – For  86 – Against 14

Proposition 2 – For 85 –  Against 15