Justin Friar Receives 75 Year Sentence For Aggravated Assault Against A Peace Officer

On Wednesday afternoon, a McCulloch County Jury found 33-year-old Justin Friar guilty of all three charges of Aggravated Assault Against A Peace Officer, Evading Arrest With a Vehicle, and Possession of a Firearm By A Felon.

The charges were made after an altercation between Friar and Trooper Ryder Patterson. Friar was then sentenced to 75 years for assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon. He was also sentenced to 35 years and to 15 years for possession of a firearm by a felon. All three sentences were enhanced due to previous convictions.

In a two-day trial at the McCulloch County Courthouse, testimony was heard by Trooper Patterson that he attempted to make a routine stop of Friar on January 11, 2021, on Blackburn Street in Brady. During that stop, Friar, on parole at the time, pointed a shotgun at Patterson and discharged the gun from his vehicle. In his defense, Friar maintained that it was not a shotgun but a jack handle, and he was only motioning at the officer.

Friar did admit to evading arrest with his vehicle. In his testimony, Friar told the jury he was being harassed by the officer and felt he would be going back to jail because he did not have a current driver’s license. He fled the scene and later abandoned his vehicle. Friar said he spent some time in an abandoned house before later being arrested. Officers later found the shotgun that Patterson had described in a cactus patch near Friar’s abandoned vehicle.