KNEL 2023 Favorite First Responder Award Recipient Priscilla Campbell


KNEL and Destination Ford presented the 2023 Favorite First Responder Award. Mark Smith from Destination Ford presented the award Thursday morning to Priscilla Campbell, the 2023 recipient.

Priscilla Campbell has served and sacrificed for the city of Brady for over 20 years. She has trained many of the younger generations within the department and held the hands of many in our community during the roughest times! She is a wonderful person, mother, and friend.

Priscilla started with EMS and worked up to Captain of the Brady Fire Department.  She has incredible work ethic and would do anything for her fellow man. This was shown by example with the sudden loss of a fellow firefighter recently. She was by his and his family’s side the whole way; many are proud to call her a friend.

Priscilla always goes above and beyond for her community and her brothers and sisters in the Fire/EMS community. She has served as a mentor to fellow first responders. She has an incredible rapport with her patients, is selfless, and is always willing to go above and beyond for anyone in need!

A true hero of McCulloch County!!

As the 2023 Favorite First Responder Award recipient, Priscilla will receive tickets to see the Texas Rangers compliments of KNEL and hotel accommodations in Arlington provided by Destination Ford.

Pictured below (left to right) (1) Priscilla Campbell and Mark Smith; (2) Lynn Farris and Priscilla Campbell; (3) Priscilla Campbell