KNEL and Destination Ford Honor Favorite Teacher, First Responder, and Volunteer


KNEL and Destination Ford honored a Favorite Teacher during the month of May, a Favorite First Responder during the month of June, and a Favorite Volunteer during the month of July! These unsung heroes go above and beyond to improve our community. They work tirelessly and never ask for recognition. Being an educator, first responder, and volunteer is not what you do but who you are.

So many people go unnoticed for their hard work, dedication, faithfulness, and service. Individuals who are the shining stars that stand out! The person who makes your world a brighter place with just a smile.

KNEL’s 2023 Favorite Teacher – Beth Owens

KNEL’s 2023 Favorite First Responder – Priscilla Campbell

KNEL’s 2023 Favorite Volunteer – Dustin Jordan

Thank you, Beth, Priscilla, and Dustin for all your hard work and for being the shining stars that make our community a better place to live!