Local Communities Urging Water Conservation


With on-going drought conditions across the area, local communities are urging their residents to voluntarily conserve water by limiting outdoor watering. l

The City of Brady, Rochelle Water Dept., City of Mason and the Richland Special Utility District are asking their customers to limit outdoor watering to twice per week and only during the overnight hours.

Brady water customers with even street addresses to limit their watering to Sundays and Thursdays, with those with odd numbered street addresses to water on Tuesdays and Fridays between 8pm-10am.

Mason residents with even numbered house addresses are asked to water on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Those with odd numbered addresses are asked to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 7pm-10am.

Richland Special Utility District is requesting customers to voluntarily limit watering to alternate days, with no watering on Sundays.