Mason County Enacts 90-Day Burn Ban


At their meeting on Monday, Mason County Commissioners voted to impose a 90-day Burn Ban due to the extreme fire danger brought on by continuing drought conditions.  The effective period for the Burn Ban is from Feb. 27 through May 28th.

The 90-day Burn Ban followed a seven-day ban that had been orders by Mason County Judge Sheree Hardin last week.

Citing hot, dry conditions that pose a threat of large, dangerous and fast-moving wildfires, Mason County Commissioners order the banning of outdoor burning in general and to prohibit outdoor burning of particular substances throughout the unincorporated  areas of the County.

As part of the order, Mason Commissioners outlined a number of specific conditions that must be met by people are welding outdoors.

Burning of agricultural crops, prickly pear and/or brush will be allowed — but only under certain conditions. The first requirement is notification of Mason County Sheriff’s dispatcher each time a burn is needed.

Commercial barbecue establishments from a fixed location with a state sales tax permit and/or personal barbecue fueled by propane are allowed.

A Precinct Commissioner may exempt a weekend “Benefit” barbecue.

In accordance with the Local Government Code, a person who knowingly or intentionally violates the Order commits a Class C Misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500.