Mason Hoping For Late Spring Opening For Restored Courthouse


Mason County Judge Renee Hardin told KNEL this past week local officials are anticipating being able to move into the restored Mason County Courthouse by late spring. However, Judge Hardin said she is reluctant to set a specific date yet because the want everything to be fully ready when that big day arrives.

Judge Harden also pointed out that when you consider that the fire that damaged the Courthouse was just under two years ago, the entire community can be proud of the progress they’ve made in bring the building back.

While the structure of the building is the same as before the fire, the paint on the outside and on the inside will look different. The outside paint on the building is the final coat. Judge Harden noted that architects with the Texas Historical Commission did a lot of research to ensure that the paint used both inside and outside is historically accurate to the period 100 years ago when the Courthouse was originally built. She also noted that the inside will be brighter and more colorful.

Judge Harden said everyone involved is getting more an more excited about seeing the restored Courthouse be completed and occupied.