Mason ISD Interim Supt. Optimistic Although District Faces Challenges


Since retiring in 2013 after serving several decades in the Llano ISD, Dennis Hill is often called on to fill the Superintendent’s post for area districts while they search for a permanent replacement.  Its a role he’s performed three time now in the last five years in Mason.

Hill officially took on the post again this week, and acknowledges the District is facing a major challenge — specifically, a budget deficit of over $800,000.

As he looks at the year ahead, Hill first points out that Mason is a very strong performing school district — both academically and with extra-curricular activities.

He also notes there is the budget situation, and he said they have made amazing headway in the last six weeks.

We’re excited to get school started, he said.  Hills said they are optimistic an believe enrollment may be up a little bit this year.  Since in Texas, the money follows the student, the prospect of having an increase in enrollment is good news because that would certainly help the budget situation.

As for the year ahead, Hill said they are looking forward to it.  He notes that Mason’s motto is “Expect Excellence” and he says both the staff and students take that seriously, and he believes they will again meet those expectations.

(KNEL will have more with Mason Interim Superintendent Dennis Hill on KNEL’s Morning Program Thursday morning between 8-9am.)