McCulloch Comm. Hold Exec. Sessions Related to Brady EMS, Sub-Division Litigation


As part of their regular meeting on Monday, McCulloch County Commissioners held two executive sessions as part of their overall agenda.

The first executive session was for consultation with County Attorney Greg Torres with regard to EMS services provided by the City of Brady.  Following the executive session, Commissioners approved sending a letter to the Brady City Council advising them that cashing a check given them recently by the County for $190,000 for EMS services will not contractually bind the City, and that the City and County are still in negotiations on the cost of EMS services.

The second executive session was for consultation with County Attorney Torres and attorney Bruce James concerning litigation against Silver Creek Ventures and Ranch Enterprises. After that session concluded, Commissioners reconvened in open session to consider submission of a response Silver Creek Ventures, Heritage Ranch and Ranch Enterprises regarding a settlement proposal.

Other considered in the Commissioners’ meeting included discussion of the closing of Grace Ave. in Rochelle, approving a Memorandum of Understanding with the Brady Volunteer Fire Dept. for the purchase of equipment using COVID 19 Relief funds and approving having McCulloch county become the host county fo the administration of Border Prosecution unit grants for the 452nd Judicial District.