McCulloch County Judge Trull Responds To EMS

McCulloch County Judge Frank Trull appeared on KNEL’s Morning Program Friday to review the County Commissioners meeting last Monday.  Judge Trull began that review with a response to the current impasse between the City and County on the payment for EMS services.

Judge Trull acknowledged the publication earlier in the weed of a letter from Brady City Manager, Erin Corbell, outlining the City’s position on the issue, and said he had learned new information from it.

Trull said everyone in the County is concerned about EMS service outside City limits.  He said he had looked at the 2021 City audit to see where the things being calculated came from.  He said that when he couldn’t determine that, he asked the City Manager and City Finance Director to help explain how they had made the calculations which he said they did.  But, he also noted there is more than one way to calculate the cost of providing the EMS service to the County.  Trull said he understands the City provides the service, and they feel their calculation is accurate. And,  he said he couldn’t dispute that.

The Judge emphasized the need for the City and County to come together to get to a conclusion at some point.  He said he feels they have been tasked with fixing a problem that has been on-going for several years.

Judge Trull said he wants to do his research to make sure we take the figures to provide a good calculation and, then, develop a good framework for the future so the next set of City and County officials don’t have to do this all over again every single year.

Judge Trull said has been reassured by City Manager Corbell and Mayor Groves they will work with the County to get it resolved.

(A Podcast containing a complete replay of Judge Trull’s appearance on last Friday’s KNEL Morning Program will be available late Monday on the KNEL website