McCulloch County To Receive $500K Law Enforcement Grant

McCulloch County Commissioners began their meeting on Monday was discussion and then voting on several issues focused on the sale and use of County facilities.

One of the items on the Commissioners agenda was the approval of a resolution for submission of a grant application to reimburse the County for up to $549,000 through Operation Lone Star.

Administered through the office of Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, Operation Lone Star was created by the ongoing Border Crisis and focuses on reimbursing Counties for law enforcement expenses. In its grant application, McCulloch County targeted on staffing in Sheriff’s Dept., jail, court costs, indigent defense, and housing of inmates.

In other actions, Commissioners approved the County’s proposed redistricting plan and an order conforming election precincts with Commissioners’ precincts.

Commissioners voted to deny a request that it approve a donation of road material by Dodco LLC to the County.

Also discussed by Commissioners was a request by the Brady Youth Sports Foundation to look at the old Super S building as a possible location for basketball practices.

Also to be discussed was the exchange of two tracts behind the Law Enforcement Center with Roddie Wool, and a request to rezone 101 Mesquite in Melvin from commercial to residential.

(McCulloch County Judge Frank Trull and Precinct One Commissioner Carol Anderson will appear on KNEL’s Morning Program to review the actions taken by Commissioners at their Monday meeting.)