McCulloch, Mason Commissioners’ Courts Met Monday


McCulloch and Mason County Commissioners’ Courts  each held regular meetings on Monday, Nov. 27.

McCulloch County – 

Commissioners in McCulloch County  faced a short agenda for their meeting that began with two discussion items.

The first was a presentation by Chief Appaiser, Zane Brandenburger, updating the Council on how the passage of the increase in the homestead exemption in the recent election affects the County and other taxing local taxing entities.

The second discussion item and the first action item for Commissioners was a proposal by Precinct 4 Commissioner, Don Bratton, that two FEMA projects that originated in 2018 be discontinued. Commissioner Bratton outlined his frustration with with not knowing how the roads were selected, as well as if and how much work had been done since he was not in office at the time the process began.   In a lengthy discussion that touched on how the various roads were selected and carried out.  A key point brought up was the provision in the agreement with FEMA is that if the projects were discontinued, the County could be excluded from participating in future FEMA efforts and would have to return a portion of the funds already received.

The discussion concluded with Commissioners Bratton and Deans voting to discontinue the project, while Commissioners Anderson and Behrens and County Judge Trull voted against ending the projects.

Also on the Agenda was a discussion about changing the election polling place for Precincts 101 and 103 away from the VFW Hall.  Precinct 101 Chairman, Lisa Dodd, cited  issues with the facility, electricity, door and security as reasons for the request.  County Clerk, Christine Jones, and Dodd were asked to recommend a new site to Commissioners at their next meeting.

The Quarterly Treasurers Report and adjustments to the 2023-24 County budget  were also on the Commissioners meeting agenda.


Mason County – 

In their meeting, Mason County Commissioners began with a presentation about the Concho Valley Council of Governments Broad Band Initiative.

Other areas covered included appointing election workers; approving an inter-local agreement with Hill Country Transit District; purchase of a generator for the Courthouse, a truck and a 15-passenger van; and consideration of becoming a member of the Mason Chamber of Commerce; and advertising for Road and Bridge worker.

Also on the agenda for Mason Commissioners was an Employee Handbook Workshop.