McCulloch, Mason County Commissioners Extend Burn Bans

The McCulloch and Mason County Commissioners’ courts met for their regular sessions  Monday, and both Courts voted to extend Burn Bans implemented this past week by the two County Judges in response to ongoing drought and weather conditions.

McCulloch County

McCulloch County Judge Frank Trull issued a disaster proclamation on Wednesday that included a Burn Ban for the County.  With that Ban set to expire on Wednesday,  Commissioners chose to impose another seven-day ban when the current one expires this week.

In other action, McCulloch County Commissioners  reviewed a deed of the old jail lots, and a discussed withdrawing Precinct 4 funds from a West Texas Rural Counties Association account to be used for equipment repairs.

Action items for McCulloch Commissioners included hearing a request by Dale Eickhoff to use the Courthouse lawn for a farmer’s and artisan’s market on Sunday afternoons.  Pointing out that the Heart of Texas Masters Gardeners  group has been hosting a farmers’ market on the Courthouse lawn each summer, Commissioners asked Eickholl to meet with the Master Gardeners to ensure there is coordination in their efforts.  As a result, the item was tabled at the session and will be brought back after the discussions are concluded.

Commissioners also approved new members of the Library Board, and adopted an investment policy for the County.


Mason County

At their Monday meeting, Mason County Commissioners  voted to extend  by 90 days the Burn Ban imposed last week by County Judge Jerry Bearden.  The Mason County burn ban will expire on April 24th.

In addition to extending the Burn Ban, Commissioners enhanced the restriction on outdoor burning with specific language  covering conditions when outdoor welding and other hot work is permitted.  They also specified conditions when agricultural burns are permitted. First on that list of conditions  is notifying the Mason County Sheriff’s office with details on the planned burn.

Other issues addressed by Mason Commissioners included EMS staffing and compensation; hiring a new legal assistant for the 452nd District Attorney’s office; a County policy on uniforms; and  a discussion about Airport property.

County Judge Bearden announced that on February 4th at 2:00pm, the County will host a special ceremony recognizing all the area Volunteer Fire Departments helped fight the fire at the Mason Courthouse on February 4th last year.