McCulloch, Mason County Commissioners Vote To Impose Burn Bans

Due to the threat of wildfires across the area caused by the on-going dry weather, high temperatures and high winds, McCulloch and Mason County Commissioners voted Monday to impose a Burn Ban in each.

Acting at their semi-monthly meetings,  McCulloch County Commissioners voted for a 30-day burn ban, while Mason Commissioners set a burn ban for 90 days.

The Burn Bans prohibit the use of combustible materials in an outdoor environment by any person.  The only exceptions are for planned agricultural burns in which the County Judge’s office has been previously notified.

The purpose is to mitigate the public safety hazard posed by wildfires during the current drought and severe weathers conditions by curtailing the use of all combustible materials and outdoor burning.

The Texas A&M Forest Service reported this week that over 700 wildfires has burned more than  164,000 acres across the State during the month of March.  In the past seven days, 121 wildfires  burned over 35,000 acres including fires in Coryell, Eastland, Medina and Brown Counties.  With nine out of 10 wildfires caused by human, the Texas A&M Forest Service encourages the public to avoid outdoor activities that cause a spark while warm, dry and windy conditions are present.