McCulloch, Mason, Menard County Commissioner Hold Scheduled Meetings On Monday


McCulloch County 

McCulloch County Commissioners began their Monday meeting with a lengthy presentation by Cheyne Winslow, the Right of Way Project Manager for Matterhorn Express Pipeline, who outlined the company’s plan for a new pipeline across McCulloch County.

Action items on the McCulloch Commissioners’ agenda included approval of a request for a buried fiber line in Precinct 3, and  requests for changes in water lines in Precincts 1 and 3. .  Commissioners also approved the County Road inventory for submission to TxDOT.   Consideration of allocating $120,000 from ARPA funds to the Sheriff’s Dept. for the purchase of two patrol vehicles was rescheduled and was included in a budget workshop following the session.


Mason County

As part of their meeting, Mason County Commissioners continued discussions of the County’s 2023 Budget and 2022 tax rate and Subdivision Regulations.

Other items on the agenda included hiring a new patrol deputy, modifying per diem rates, and a quote for a new phone system.  They also considered approval of the acceptance of 4-H trailers  as a donation to the County, and approval of a Fire Chief Pump and an irrigation reel gun with ARPA funds.


Menard County

Menard County Commissioners held a Public Hearing Monday on proposed subdivision regulations to govern plats, subdivisons and manufactured home rental communities in the unincorporated areas of the County.