State Emergency Crews Join Millersview-Doole Water Repair Effort


Appearing on KNEL Monday morning, McCulloch County Judge, Frank Trull, reported a Texas Division of Emergency Management Public Works Response Teams were in the County over the weekend to help make repairs to broken Millersview-Doole Water supply water lines.

The team from the Texas Division of Emergency Management was in McCulloch County in response to the issuance of a local disaster declaration by Judge Trull on Thursday that cited an imminenet threat to the citizens of the area from the loss of water.

The Texas Emergency Management team determined that additional repair crews and equipment are needed. And, the Division of Emergency Management plan deployed repair crews to the area on Saturday to help, with additional personnel and equipment coming to the County on Monday.  Judge Trull said the Millersview-Doole Water System maintenance crew continues to make progress in repairing the line, despite the challenges of working under brutally hot conditions.

Officials from the Division of Emergency Management indicated they hoped to have the leaks repaired by the end of the week.

Judge Trull also reiterated that residents in the Millersview-Doole area can obtain bottled water at the McCulloch County Precinct 3 Barn located at 1474 County Road 346 in Lohn. A water truck is also there with non-potable water needs.

In his Disaster Declaration, Judge Trull said the loss of water from the Millersview-Doole System, combined with the hot, dry weather is a serious threat to citizens of the  County, increases the threat of fire and causes a major loss of water for livestock. As a result, Judge Trull indicated extraordinary measures must be taken to alleviate the suffering or people and to protect or rehabilitate property and livestock.

The Disaster Declaration will remain will expire on Thursday, and the Commissioners have scheduled a Special Session for this Thursday to consider extending the proclamaton.

Due to a line break near Doole on Thursday, Aug. 5th, the Millersview-Doole Water System issued a Boil Water Notice for its customers until repairs have been made and the water has been certified as safe. How long it will take to get back to normal is still unknown.

McCulloch County Judge, Frank Trull, Thursday also noted the local Salvation Army, Lowes Super Market, Hickory Underground Water District and Pastor Devin Taylor are making a supply of bottled water available at the Precinct 3 barn for local residents. The Barn is located at 1474 County Road 346 in Lohn.  Additional assistance is available b calling 325-792-6879.

McCulloch County Precinct 3 Commissioner, Jason Behrens,  the Lohn Volunteer Fire Dept. and local landowners are working with residents who live in the area. In addition to helping provide water for personal use,  Commissioner Behrens and the others are helping to make arrangements to provide livestock water to area producers. If anyone needs potable water or livestock water, they can contact Commissioner Behrens at 325-456-6760.