Nuncio Exhibits Grand Champion Steer at McCulloch Livestock Show

The 2021 McCulloch County Junior Livestock Show — second edition — was held Dec. 2nd-4th at the G. Rollie White Complex.

A change in schedule for the annual show moved it from early January of 2022 to December 2021 to make it easier on those going to larger shows that also start in January.

Exhibitors of the Champion and Grand Champion animals included:

Peyton Nuncio was the exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Steer, with the Reserve Champion Steer shown by Madison Thurmon.

Payton Nuncio also exhibited the Grand Champion Heifer and Reserve Champion Heifers.

The Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Market Hogs were exhibited by Flora McKay Appleton.

Kollyns Brandenberger was the exhibitor of the Grand Champion Gilt, with Braelyn Brandenberger showing the Reserve Champion Gilt.

The Grand Champion Lamb was exhibited by Lili Kate Appleton, with the Reserve Champion exhibited by Flora Kay Appleton.

Gage Behrens exhibited the Grand Champion Eew, with Gracen Williams showing the Reserve Champion Ewe.

Piper Alleva exhibited the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Market Goat and the Grand Champion Breeding Meat goat.

The Grand Champion and Reserve Breeding Meat Goats were shown by Gracen Williams.

The Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Angora Goats were exhibited by Colton Waag.

Carlos Gonzalez exhibited the Grand Champion Fryer Rabbit, with the Reserve Champion Fryer Rabbit shown by Liana Gonzalez.

The Grand Champion Breeding Rabbit was exhibited by Bethany A. Lewis, with the Reserve Champion shown by Tony Martin Parrish.