Olive Harrison Retires From McCulloch County Resource Center

Former Executive Director of the McCulloch County Resource Center, Olive Harrison, was honored at a Retirement Party on Wednesday, February 23rd with a celebration at the McCulloch County Resource Center.

Olive started serving in 2017 with the Brady Clergy Association in the urgent care office, The Good Samaritan. She served for several years getting the program established. In 2019, when the BCA merged the Good Samaritan Urgent Care with Helping Hands, Olive came on board as the Executive Director of the Center to help navigate the merger.

Olive has been a key part of the Resource Center implementing many of the programs in place today.

The community has benefited for the time she served and the many gifts and talents she used to benefit our county.

Olive has touched thousands of lives in McCulloch County through her contributions at the center.

Olive retired in December, but she still serves the Resource Center as a volunteer. She serves as the social worker for the Salvation Army and helps with the Brady Clergy Association. The Salvation Army and BCA office out of the McCulloch County Resource Center. Also, the Cornerstone Community Action Agency and At Home Success Coaching office at the center to help those in need.