Pfluger To Mayorkas: Resign, Or You Will Be Held Responsible

Tuesday, Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) visited the El Paso, Texas sector of the U.S.-Mexico border with Leader Kevin McCarthy and a delegation of Republican lawmakers.

While there, the delegation heard directly from Border Patrol Agents who detailed the unmanageable national security crisis at the southern border. They witnessed a large encampment of Venezuelans attempting to cross the southern border illegally, and proved unequivocally that Secretary Mayorkas lied when he told Rep. Pfluger and the Homeland Security Committee last week that the border is secure.

Rep. August Pfluger released a statement following his visit: “Republicans have a message for Secretary Mayorkas: resign, or you will be held responsible. Our majority will not sit by while you endanger the safety of American citizens and vilify your own Border Patrol agents.”