Perfect Weather Provided Locals With A Great View of Annular Solar Eclipse


Within the space of six months, this area will have a unique experience — two solar eclipse events crisscrossing the Heart of Texas and Northwest Hill Country. The first was the  Annular Solar Eclipse that occurred Saturday, with the second being a total eclipse on April 8th next year.

The Annular Solar Eclipse Saturday will featured a “ring of fire” created by the sun’s shadow around the moon.

The Annular Solar Eclipse Saturday began with a partial eclipse at 10:22am, with the maximum at 11:52am before ending at about 1:30pm.

While the Annular Eclipse did not bring large crowds to the area,  local officials are expecting the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th of next year to attract a size number of people who will travel to the area to be in one of the  prime viewing locations  in the state.