State Sen Charles Perry Refiles Historic Water Fund As Senate Bill 28


Texas State Senator Charles Perry filed Senate Bill 28 and Senate Joint Resolution 75 to
create the Texas Water Fund (TWF) at the Texas Water Development Board. The fund
establishes a new pathway for current and future appropriations to target key water
infrastructure across the state.
“We lose 136 billion gallons of water a year to leaking pipes in Texas,” said Senator
Perry. “There is unique opportunity this session to invest in our state so we can avoid
boil water notices from broken pipes and fix our aging infrastructure.”
The bill also creates the New Water Supply Fund that targets big water supply projects
for Texas with a goal to find 7 million acre feet (2.2 trillion gallons of water) in the next
10 years through committed projects. The fund would target desalination projects
including marine, brackish, and produced water; water from other states; and new
technologies with the potential to create large volumes of water.
“It has been and will always be my passion to find new water supply for our growing
state and existing industry,” explained Senator Perry. “I want to personally commend Lt.
Gov Dan Patrick for making this historic piece of legislation a priority. I am excited for
what we can do for Texas.”