Tex. Water Development Board Chairwoman Visits Brady For Dedication Of New System


Brooke Paup, Chairwoman of the Texas Water Development Board, and members of her staff visited Brady Thursday for a close-up look at the work being done to install the equipment needed to remove radium from the City’s drinking water and the progress that’s been made in upgrading the City’s overall system.

The visit by the head of the Water Development Board also provided the opportunity to more-or-less officially dedicate the more than $20 million dollar project.  The Texas Water Development Board provided the funding to make the project possible through a combination of grants and low interest loans.

Brady Mayor Tony Groves said the event was not so much a dedication, but a celebration of how far the City had progressed and how close we are to the end.  The project is currently scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.  The Mayor noted that folks in the community probably won’t appreciate all of the work that’s gone into the project until about a week after it becomes fully operational when they will be able to see, taste and feel the difference in the water.

In her comments, the Chairwoman of the Water Development Board said she was thrilled to see the facility and progress that  has been made. She noted the City had been devoted to the project.  Even though the City got a great financial package from the Water Development Board, Paup added that it took a commitment from the City to go to the Water Development Board and to shoulder the debt it will still incur to make the project a reality.  She said it showed the City was pro-active in investing in infrastructure and the community, And, that she said, is a really wonderful thing to see.