Utilities and Litigation Focus Of Mason City Commission Session

The Mason City Commission will be dealing with a longer than normal agenda at its meeting Monday night.

The session will begin with a presentation by Ken Coignet with Public Management, Inc. with a report on the Planning Grant application for the Smith Street Lift Station. He’ll also discuss other grant opportunities to finish looping the City water system.

Next, the Commission will go into an executive session to discuss two different issues. The first will be to deliberate about the municipally owned utility and will deal with competitive matters. The second session will be for consultation with the City Attorney regarding litigation with Blue Oak Engineering.

Following the executives sessions, the Commission will carry out any discussion and actions in open session.

Other areas to be covered by the Commission will include discussion of approving electricity service to the battery farm on Post Hill Street; scheduling a date for a Long Term Planning Workshop; and the purchase of TextMyGov to enhance communications between citizens and City staff.