Brady Girls Regional Powerlifting Results


The Lady Dawgs competed in the Texas High School Womens Powerlifting Region 2 3A Div. II Regional Championship in Dublin, Texas on Saturday 4/2/24. The Lady Dawgs came back with two Regional champions, three 2nd place finishers, one 3rd place, one 5th place, a regional deadlift record, 5 State qualifier, and a 2nd place finish as a team.  I’m very proud of these young ladies and how well they represented Brady.  Regional Champions are Delilah Garcia and Raelyn Graff. The new regional deadlift record was set by Delilah Garcia in the 97.5 weight class at 275 pounds, the old record was 260 pounds.


The team picture names from left to right on top row Maddie Moerbe, Diandra Hernandez, Gracie Galindo, Samerra Reed, Delilah Garcia, Jordyn Werner. Botton row from left to right Daniela Hernandez, Lillian Ramos, Samatha Reyes, Raelyn Graff, Alondra Ramirez, and not picture Chloey Powell.


The State Qualifying picture from left to right Diandra Hernandez, Gracie Galindo, Delilah Garcia, Raelyn Graff, Samerra Reed. The State qualifiers will be lifting in Frisco Comerica Center on Thursday 3/14/24 Starting at 8:00 am.


The deadlift picture is Delilah Garcia breaking the Regional 97.5 deadlift record.