Tradio 11/28/2023


F/S Baseball Cards and Dolls  325-647-0031

F/S Saw, Milk Can Bank, Electric mower and weed eater, dog stroller, leaf rake, shelves for shoes,microwave, wrangler jacket, and a hippy belt 792-4363

Yard Sale 214 N. Pecan Apt. A

F/S Guitar Amp  325-792-4536

Free Double Bed mattress and Car for sale  325-792-6957

Looking For axles for 14 ft trailer 325-396-8691

F/S Mc Culloch Co Centennial token 325-215-1460

F/S Washer and Dryer, Stove, and Scooter  L/F porch swing and dish drainer 240-8910

F/S Google Play Card   792-4057

F/S Water Dispenser 456-9433

F/S inverter and CB antennas  792-4536

F/S 2 Air Beds, Chest of drawers, end tables, and 2 recliners    456-0377

F/S Steps for a long pick up  240-8702

F/S Remington Rifle  792-8758

F/S Table and Chairs, Boat and Motor, Tires, and will pick up scrap metal  325-792-4818

F/S Chickens, Chicken Cages, Fencing, and a Pedestal sink   340-9262

F/S Pecans 240-8703

Found Dog Lab  456-1259 or 792-6416

F/S 25 caliber automatic gun with ammo  456-7228

Looking For Heavy Duty Meat Grinder  512-740-3407