Tradio Wednesday


Y/S   214 N. Pecan St. Apt A  Everything Must Go  325-433-1205

F/S    Refrigerator 325-220-0605

Free Double Mattress and Lexus for sale  325-792-6957

F/S Water Dispenser  325-456-9433

Sale  448 Jacoby Lane Hext   702-672-0960

F/S  Washer, Dryer, Freezer, Stove, Scooter and L/F porch swing and dish drainer 325-240-8910

Trying to Move RV from Menard to Lake  325-792-4818

4 Chiweenie Puppies  325-456-7001

L/F Firewood  337-380-3637

Doole Community Garage Sale  Dec. 2,2023    325-456-7472

L/F Set of axels for Trailer House  325-396-8691

L/F Sucker Rod and Pecans  325-456-7390

Household Sale  575-513-4547

L/F Queen Size Bed and Chest of Drawers   210-388-7000

F/S Guitar Amp, Air Compressor, Power Inverter, CB antennas    325-792-4536

F/S Rusted Milk Can, Microwave, Dog Stroller, Electric Weedeater and Mower, Wrangler Jacket, Rod and Reel, and Jam Box    325-792-4363

F/S Tires and Boat and Trailer  325-792-4818