Mason County Commissioners Set Proposed Tax Rate For 2023


At thier meeting Monday, Mason County Commissioners voted to propose setting the County tax rate for 2023 at  .600700 cents per $100 valuation.   The proposed rate is less than the .610189 cents per $100 valuation set for last year.

Commissioners also set a public hearing on the proposed tax rate for Monday, Aug. 28th at 8:20am in the Stribling Room at the Eckert Memorial Library.

In other actions, Mason Commissioners dealt with a number of housekeeping items, including donations and equipment purchases for the Road and Bridge Dept., approving a Friends of the Sheriff special budget and approving Sheriff and Constable fees.

Commissioners also approved increases in salaries, expenses and allowances for elected officials.

The meeting concluded with a Workshop as they continued working to finalize the County budget for the next fiscal year.