City Of Mason Sets Public Hearing On Proposed Grant Application To Upgrade Downtown Sidewalks


The Mason City Commission has scheduled both Public Hearings and a Regular Meeting Monday, Mar. 20th covering plans to seek a Community Development grant from the Texas Dept. of Agriculture for sidewalk improvements to the downtown square, and to hear requests for zoning variances. Following the public hearings, the Commission will consider each issue for approval.

A key focus will be the public hearing and discussion of proposed plan to funding  from the Texas Dept. of Agriculture Community Development Block Grant program to upgrade the sidewalks on the Courthouse Square and to address the issue of ADA accessibility. The City Commission held a Public Meeting last Wednesday night to gather input and support from the community for pursuing the TDA grant. Hopefully, the City would receive a grant that would cover 100% of the cost involved.

The Commission will also be considering three requests for zoning variances.

Andy Smith is requesting that property at 117 S. Robin be re-platted into two lots with one being 53 feet wide and the other 75 feet wide.

A Conditional Use Permit has been requested to allow a retail winery to be operated at 120 Moody St.

And, Stephen Marquez has requested a Conditional Use Permit to allow a daycare business to be located at 810 Hooten Street that is currently zoned R-1.  Daycares can be allowed in R-1 zoning with a Conditional Use Permit.

The final item on the City Commission’s agenda will be approval of purchasing a bucket truck for the City’s Electric Dept.