McCulloch Co. Voters Go Big For Abbott, Elect McBee, Dagan To Rochelle ISD

Residents  across Texas went to the polls on Tuesday to vote for a range of State-wide races such as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Comptroller and Agriculture Commissioner, plus a number of positions on the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals.

In the Election, McCulloch County voters went heavily for incumbent Governor Gegg Abbott with 2,123 votes, well above the 284 votes that went to Beto O’Rouke.  Abbott was re-elected to a third term as Governor.

All of the other state-level Republican candidates significantly out-distanced their Democrat challengers in McCulloch election results.

Voters in McCulloch County cast 2124 votes for gave incumbent State Representative for the 53rd  District Republican, Andrew Murr, with his Democrat challenger Joe P. Herrera receiving 283 votes in the County.

Rochelle School District voters elected two members to the Rochelle ISD School Board.   In Place 4, Jamie  McBee received 338 votes, defeating Eric Ruiz who had 91 votes.  For Place 5, John Dagan received 296 votes, defeating  Brown who received 127 votes.