Mason City Comm. Holds Public Hearing On Sub Division Regs In ETJ, Selects Velez To Fill Comm. Vacancy


As part of their regular meeting Monday  night, the Mason City Commission held a Public Hearing  on the proposed adoption of regulations covering activities in the City’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. After discussing regulations for land use, structures and business;  municipal regulatory authority; and municipal regulation of subdivisions and property development, the Commission voted to approve the proposed sub-division regulations the City is able to establish in the ETJ.

Also in their meeting, Mason Commissioners voted to appoint Anna Velez to fill the vacancy on the Commission created by the death of Melanie Eckert.  She will hold the post until the Municipal elections in 2023.  Velez, who had served on the City Commission in the past, was one of five people who had expressed an interest in serving on he Commission.

(Mason Mayor Frank Bartlett will be a guest on KNEL’s Morning Program Wednesday at 8:45am with a complete review of the Mason City Commission meeting. )