McCulloch County Budget To Increase 7.8% In 2023

McCulloch County Commissioners held a Public Hearing Tuesday morning on the County’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2023.

Aside from County Commissioners, County Officials and one member of the media, there was only one member of the public who attended the Hearing, and that citizen did engage the Commissioners in a discussion about property taxes and the rising cost of operating the County.

Commenting on the County’s proposed budget, County Judge Frank Trull said crafting a budget for this year was harder than last year because of the difficulty of trying to determine where they could cut corners to save money.  Judge Trull said the biggest issue was keeping the salaries for County empolyees competitive with surrounding counties.  He noted that the Sheriff had pointed out last year it was extremely difficult to get deputies at the rates we had then. This years, Judge Trull said they had looked at what the City paid their Police Officers, and the County just wanted to be comparable with the City.

Overall, Judge Trull said  salaries were  the biggest part of the budget. And, if they needed to cut something, they didn’t want to cut salaries. He said Commissioners wanted to give County employees a cost of living raise.  To do that, he said, it was necessary to increase the budget by 7% over this year.

McCulloch County’s proposed tax rate for this year will be .75 cents per $100 valuation — up 1cent from .74 cents this year.  The County will hold a public hearing on September 15 on the County’s proposed tax rate for this year.